Formula for digital marketing success

https://ayevainstitute.comDigital marketing play an important role in increasing the rank of a particular website . there are certain approaches and formulas for digital marketing success if one wants to do well in digital marketing he’ll have to refer certain formulas to master in digital marketing

Email marketing

https://ayevainstitute.comEmail marketing plays an important role as far as digital marketing . is concerned by reference of email marketing . the owner can directly contact the consumer about a particular product.

https://ayevainstitute.comEmails are most favorite and loved applications by the companies. The reason behind its success is Low cost, large coverage, automation possible and the simple platform.

The companies which use the email to make relations with their . customers rather than spamming then have the higher chances of success.

Social media

https://ayevainstitute.comsocial media plays an important role as well as digital marketing . concerned social media is the pillar and backbone . By why social media platform the owner can directly target a particular section of the society and basically the youth.

https://www.wikipedia.orgAs you all know that social media has become an important part of our life and it affect our decision while https://www.wikipedia.orgpurchasing anything online. If your brand maintains a good social media reputation then it is likely to get more leads from these social media platforms. Social Media can directly or indirectly impact the consumers mind. Sometimes the consumers see some brand in social media and then buy the same brands product in Physical Store also. So it is not possible the fully contemplate the success of social media on consumers.

Search engine optimisation

This is one of the important factors behind the success of a brand. As you know that people believe in Google very much. Common people think that google shows the best results to them. So the website which they see in first 5 results for a query they think of it as genuine website.

So as a Digital Marketer we can produce the best and genuine content on which google can rely and also make quality backlinks for this content which will automatically increase the search engine ranking of the article.

Nowadays, google doesn’t only relies to backlinks for ranking of the results. It also takes into account many other factors such as Social share, time on page, click-through rates etc.


One of the best thing to sell your products online is to open an e-commerce. But please note that setting or making an e-commerce site is a time consuming process and proper help from the professionals should be taken. All of you knows about Flipkart. Flipkart has made a simple platform for buyers to buy online and sellers to sell online. So, now you know that it how e-commerce help to grow your business.

Digital marketing

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling refers to the visual content which itself tells its story and we don’t need to write anything about it. The most popular storytelling medium is Info-graphics. Info-graphics as the name suggest is a picture which conveys all the information of the topic. There are also other means of storytelling such as GIF.

Below i am attaching the Info-graphic for this article so that you better understand the concept of Info-graphics.

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