Difference between Onpage and Offpage SEO in digital marketing

Digital marketing course helps the businessman to operate or run their businesses online or at digital platform. So basically what is digital marketing all about, it is connecting and marketing with the customers through various digital channels like search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing etc. Through digital marketing one can interact with their customers without any intervention and also provide them complete information about their product and services.There are various components of digital marketing but most effective one is Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).

Search Engine Optimisation is a type of technique which helps to increase the visitors to a website. Search engine provides plateform to various websites to come and show their blogs.Through seo we can increase our website quality and also makes them user-friendly and faster. SEO helps to promote the websites. 

SEO techniques are now classified into two types:

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1. Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is what we do on own website to grow more traffic. It deals with those aspects which is on our own website. If you want to improve or maintain your website you should revised your optimisation policy.There are various components which are involoved in onpage seo:

a) Heading: The size of the website should be relevant.The size of the website neither be too small nor too long.It should be properly reading.

b) Title: It is most important to give the title for your blog. The title should be short and good so that it can attract more customers to your website.

c) Image: You can also insert images to make your website attractive and unique.With image you have to give 3-4 lines description.

d) Content: Content is very important for your website to increase more traffic. Good content or regular update your content is important for your articles,blogs etc.

e) Keyword: Keyword is also very important for your website as it justify your articles,blogs etc.

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2. Offpage seo

Offpage  seo is done on other webpage to improve your website or blog. It deals with those aspects that is on other website which can optimized to improve your ranking of the website.It needs regular new links so that they can given priority by search engine.The main aim of offpage seo is to increase the visibility so that the people visit or refer to your page.There are few popular techniques which are used in offpage seo, these are:

a) Backlink: Backlinks are the incoming link to a webpage. The ranking of the webpage is depend upon the quality of the link and not the quantity. The main aim of the backlink  is to improve the quality of the link so that more people visit to your webpage. There are many types through which we can get backlinks.These are:

i) Directory Submission: It is the process of building the backlink to your blog or website by using the directory submission websites.

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ii) Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is used by the people to search and manage the bookmarks of the page. People can save links to webpage which they like or want to share through the social bookmarking sites.

iii) Blog commenting: It is the simplest form to get the links only by visiting the webpage and leaving the message.The comment should be meaningful and relevant to the article.

iv) Guest posting: In guest posting, you can share your knowledge on a particular subject and also give link of your own content for reference. The main reason of guest posting is not to gain backlinks but to provide some valuable articles to the reader.

v) Image submission: Image submission means to insert the images to appeal to a wider audience.Some people prefer visual things, so image submission is the best idea to build the backlinks. Before submitting the image we have to add the title,description and tags to the image.

vi) Email outreach: Email outreach means sharing your content with the other people and in return you will get the backlink.

b) Social media: Social platform are the best and easy way to promote your site content. By promoting your content on social media you can reach to various users.

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