Internet marketing is the marketing of products or amenities operating digitalised techniques, mainly on the Internet, but also incorporating mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital forum.

Digital marketing’s evolution since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital manifestos are increasingly including into marketing strategies and day-to-day life, and as people use digital gadgets alternate of visiting material shops, digital marketing workshops are becoming more prevalent and widespread.

digital marketing

Digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, and optical disks and games are becoming more often in our upgrading technology. In fact, digital marketing now expands to non-Internet sources that provide digital networks, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback, and on-hold mobile ring tones. In relation, this augmentation to non-Internet channels helps to transform digital marketing from online marketing, another catch-all term for the marketing methods mentioned above, which strictly occur online.
Digital marketing refers to the use of innumerable digital strategies and channels to bridge with customers where they disburse much of their time: online. From the website itself to a business’s online branding assets — digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and beyond — there’s a spectrum of strategies that fall under the umbrella of “internet marketing.”


  • Global reach – a website permit you to find fresh markets and trade universally for only a small investment.
  • Lower cost – a pre-planned and effectively aimed digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
  • Openness – by getting intricated with social platforms and handling it carefully, you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to emerge with.
  • Social currency – digital marketing lets you create engaging campaigns using different types of rich media content. On the internet these campaigns can gain social currency – being passed from user to user and becoming viral.
  • Trackable, measurable results – measuring your online marketing with web analytics and other online metric tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been. 


With the era of contemporary technology and variety of Digital Marketing (DM), companies are executing all that they can to coordinate the effectiveness. Companies are possibly transforming their strategies of activity into the electronic digital one or enlarging current marketing and advertising techniques with digital marketing method- And the foremost query that may occur right here is- Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Online Business– Let us get initiate with some error- free impacts of internet Marketing. The whole universe is easily getting digital. Individuals are having digital content material quicker every day. Organizations and the entire world, in common, are beginning to acknowledge the significance of proceeding electronic and it is mandatory that advertising divisions adjust easily to the new conditions and definitely hire experts in the field of electronic digital marketing.

Major factors that affect the SEO in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the main tool of Digital marketing. Now-a-days SEO is most important as it helps the webmaster to understand the meaning of SEO and also it creates the potential for every business. Search engine optimization plays a very significant role in digital marketing. Search engine optimization is a set of rules which helps the owners to optimize their websites and blogs and also helps to improve the search engine ranking. SEO helps to increase the quality of the website and also makes it faster, convenient, user friendly etc. Search engine optimization is the process of getting the more traffic from free, organic or natural search results on search engines.

Search engine optimization is the technique or strategy which is used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining the high ranking in the search results of the search engines like yahoo, bing, google etc.
Search engine optimization is the magic, which creates when you have to work on your article in order to make Google very likely to include your post as one of the top results whenever someone searches for that keyword.

Digital marketing

In today’s era, search engine optimization is the most important tool of digital marketing. Digital marketing means doing the business digitally. Digital marketing makes all the marketing efforts which helps the businesses to run on the internet. Digital marketing can be done through various ways like search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing etc. Search engine optimization is the main part of digital marketing. Search engine optimization helps the businesses to grow and meet their business objectives. Search engine optimization is important because majority of users click on the top 3 suggestions of the result page and in order to obtain this your website should appear it the top positions. Search engine optimization is also the most important tool for promotion your websites or blogs. SEO is also helps to increase the quality of the website and also makes it convenient or easy for the users to use.

SEO is important for the smooth functioning of the website and blog. Search engine optimization provides the complete knowledge of what is required to become a successful search engine in today’s era. Search engine optimization is the vast and dynamic field which means you have to be well informed about the latest techniques and knowledge so that you can run your website efficiently. Search engine optimization is the most cost-effective technique of digital marketing and also the most challenging job. SEO is further divided into two parts: Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. Onpage SEO is look basically what your website is all about. It further includes: the title, heading, image, content, keyword etc. Offpage SEO is look at how popular your website or blog. Offpage seo include backlinks which we can get from various ways like directory submission, article submission etc.

The success of the SEO is dependent on understanding the most important SEO ranking factors which give you the best position and then working hard to perform better than the competitors. It is also important to stay up-to-date on the updates which the Google makes. Search Optimization is an extremely dynamic field that continues to evolve more and more rapidly with each passing day. Google ranking is the most important to get the organic traffic from the website. Businesses spend huge money on the google ranking but search engine optimization is not the one time process. You have to keep yourself updated about the changes of the search engine. There are many factors which affect the search engine optimization, these are:

Digital marketing
  1. Quality of content: Content is one of the most important factor which affect the search engine optimization. It is most important to focused on the keyword content. Google search algorithm focus on the keyword but now-a-days we shift away from keyword-focused content towards to more relevant content written in natural language. For search engine optimization, fresh and original content is always best.
  2. Backlinks: Backlinks is the most important factor which affect the search engine optimization. Backlinks means insert your link at different pages. We can get backlinks through various ways like article submission, guest posting, blog commenting, directory submission etc.
    The more links you have from multiple high-authority domains, the better your chances are to rank well for top keywords. 
  3. Page speed: Page speed is one of the most important factor which affect the search engine optimization ranking. It is alos most crucial part ever. Google wants to improve the user’s experience of the web and also the fast loading webpages. Google recently announced the search engine algorithm update which focused on the mobile page speed.
  4. Attractive keyword: Keyword is basically a phrase in your web content that make it possible for the people to find your website through search engines. There are many websites from which you can select your keyword. The keyword should be appropriate and relevant, if your keyword is not relevant than the different search engine cannot crawl it.

What is the important part of SEO for better result

Digital marketing

SEO is the main tool of digital marketing, stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the technique used for the getting more and more traffic on the website in different search engines or used to rank up the website from the free organic or natural search result on search engine. SEO plays a very important role in digital marketing. SEO is the main source of digital marketing on increasing the quantity or quality of the traffic on the different website. SEO target the different type of search like image search, video search power point search, PDF search etc and done for the different search engines including google, yahoo, bing, etc. SEO is the magic of the digital marketing you have to work on your article in order to make Google very likely to include your post as one of the top results whenever someone searches for that keyword.

search engine optimization(SEO) is very profitable part of digital marketing for any business, if it is properly executed. search engine optimization becomes the important part of every business while doing digital marketing as 80-90% of people are engaged on internet and prefer digital marketing and SEO help in targeting the right customer at the right time and at the right place. it is necessary for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business. SEO is the best way to increase the quality of the particular site or to make it user friendly, faster, easier and convenient for the customers in digital marketing.

Digital marketing

Search engine optimization(SEO) is of two types: onpage and offpage. On page is done for optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On page is done either by content or by HTML source code. but generally people concern with contet part as HTML code is more of technical part and requires technical knowledge about the HTML which is not prefer by the most of the people. content is easier to learn or to apply than HTML that’s why it is mainly used. It consist of title, heading, image, content, keyword etc. for ranking up the website in digital marketing on page is important part which has to be done for increasing the chances of website in getting more and more traffic.

Off page is the technique or tool of search engine optimization used to improve or increase the position website in different search engines. Off page deals with the promotion part of the website it basically includes backlinks to take backlinks means to insert the website link at the other websites which increases the number of visitors on the particular website or rank up the website. There are many techniques or tools for backlink like article submission, press release, guess posting, forum posting, pdf submission, ppt submission etc but the most effiicient tool for getting backlink is article submission,guest posting or forum posting. Off page is more helpful on increasing the number of visitors as compared to the on page search engine optimization(SEO).

Digital marketing

It is obvious that every search engine user or digital marketing user likely
click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the results pages no one can prefer to go on the last page of the search engine or even at the 2-3 page of search engine. that’s why is i important to do efficient SEO in digital marketing to rank up the website at the top suggestion of the search engine which increases the number of visitors on the website and helps to make the business a profitable enterprise which is the main motive of any business.
SEO is important for the smooth running of the web site. Web sites with more than one author can benefit from SEO in a direct and indirect way in digital marketing. As it is important to study the important part of SEO for better result. There are many part which have to be done on SEO for better result

  1. Targeted the right audiences: first and fore most important part is to target the right audience digital marketing is the best technique of marketing for targeting the right audience at the right place. Selection of target audience increase the chances of attracting the potential buyers for better result or to earn more and more profit. selection of the targeted audience has to done in the proper way so as to target the right audience who actually interested in the particular website.
  2. Taking appropriate keyword: keyword plays a very important role in content keyword has to be taken after doing the keyword research their are many website who analyse the keyword and let you know about the traffic at the particular website and the website has to choose the appropriate keywords which has more traffic to increase the chances of the visitors. while search engines crawl the different web sites they mainly focuses on the keyword if the keyword is not appropriate the website is not able to rank up.
  3. attractive content: content is the main part of any business in digital marketing attractive content attracts the potential buyer very easily and fastly. content should be written in that way which increase the number of the visitor in the website or rank up the website.
  4.  Remove anything that slows down the website: A slow page can frustrate the user experience and ultimately discourage people from buying your product. so the website have to remove the things which slows down the website.
  5. Link to other web sites: To most people, linking out to relevant and authoritative content pages is bad because it takes people off your page. Link building remains a fundamental part of smart search engine optimization strategy.

Formula for digital marketing success

https://ayevainstitute.comDigital marketing play an important role in increasing the rank of a particular website . there are certain approaches and formulas for digital marketing success if one wants to do well in digital marketing he’ll have to refer certain formulas to master in digital marketing

Email marketing

https://ayevainstitute.comEmail marketing plays an important role as far as digital marketing . is concerned by reference of email marketing . the owner can directly contact the consumer about a particular product.

https://ayevainstitute.comEmails are most favorite and loved applications by the companies. The reason behind its success is Low cost, large coverage, automation possible and the simple platform.

The companies which use the email to make relations with their . customers rather than spamming then have the higher chances of success.

Social media

https://ayevainstitute.comsocial media plays an important role as well as digital marketing . concerned social media is the pillar and backbone . By why social media platform the owner can directly target a particular section of the society and basically the youth.

https://www.wikipedia.orgAs you all know that social media has become an important part of our life and it affect our decision while https://www.wikipedia.orgpurchasing anything online. If your brand maintains a good social media reputation then it is likely to get more leads from these social media platforms. Social Media can directly or indirectly impact the consumers mind. Sometimes the consumers see some brand in social media and then buy the same brands product in Physical Store also. So it is not possible the fully contemplate the success of social media on consumers.

Search engine optimisation

This is one of the important factors behind the success of a brand. As you know that people believe in Google very much. Common people think that google shows the best results to them. So the website which they see in first 5 results for a query they think of it as genuine website.

So as a Digital Marketer we can produce the best and genuine content on which google can rely and also make quality backlinks for this content which will automatically increase the search engine ranking of the article.

Nowadays, google doesn’t only relies to backlinks for ranking of the results. It also takes into account many other factors such as Social share, time on page, click-through rates etc.


One of the best thing to sell your products online is to open an e-commerce. But please note that setting or making an e-commerce site is a time consuming process and proper help from the professionals should be taken. All of you knows about Flipkart. Flipkart has made a simple platform for buyers to buy online and sellers to sell online. So, now you know that it how e-commerce help to grow your business.

Digital marketing

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling refers to the visual content which itself tells its story and we don’t need to write anything about it. The most popular storytelling medium is Info-graphics. Info-graphics as the name suggest is a picture which conveys all the information of the topic. There are also other means of storytelling such as GIF.

Below i am attaching the Info-graphic for this article so that you better understand the concept of Info-graphics.