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About Our SEO Course

AYEVA INSTITUTE provides one of the best SEO Training in Delhi which covers every technique of SEO training in delhi with practical knowledge. The student will learn all kinds of techniques like On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, website analytics, competitor analysis, Keyword Research, sitemap.XML, robots.txt, etc.

  • In SEO training in Delhi, we will make you understand how the search engines work.
  • Basic HTML tags which are required in on-page and off-page Techniques
  • Local search engine optimization techniques.Basic Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Advanced Google tools such as Analytics, Adwords and Webmaster, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and latest Google updates.

What We Do?

Ayeva Institute provides SEO training in Delhi and provides different SEO training courses in delhi which make students grow fastly in this world of digital marketing. We offer 100% practical knowledge that will increase practical skills as well, by exposure to various live projects which gives SEO training in delhi or a better knowledge of the ideas and methods that will lead to get a fruitful career. Our institute provides SEO training in Delhi and always teach our students with proven methods that helps to acquire large scale knowledge about search engines.

Why SEO Training Course Are So Popular?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has got into lime light in today’s competitive world. It is one of the fastest evolving technique to reach the website in top rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So that, the site will be visible to the targeted audience. This type of online marketing will grow the business’s profits by generating leads.

Who Should Attend This SEO Training Course?

  • Students: If you are the student looking up for a chance in a fastest evolving field or planning to set up business, the SEO training in delhi will provide you the key to your successful life.
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners: If you are a business holder trying to get more revenues or want to market your business over the internet, but tired of paying for the ads, you can learn SEO training in delhi and market your business online with the help of internet without even spending single penny.
  • Web Designers/Developers: If you are a Web Designer, you should try the SEO training in delhi  which provides various techniques on the websites that you work on. If your customer comes to know that the sites don't rank in search engines, they will not get satisfied. Without proper SEO training in delhi, there will be no results to your client’s website. Learning SEO for any WebDesigner would be a great deal.
  • Freelancers/Part-Time: If you are a part-time job seeker or a freelancer and want to get a handsome amount from home, SEO training in delhi is the best way of making money.We will make you understand how you can do Freelancing, job and earn anywhere from Rs.25,000 and above.

Job Opportunities in SEO

If you want to get an outstanding career in a short period of time, definitely SEO will be the best option which you will get from SEO training in Delhi. Every business in this world uses SEO for website advertisements. Tons of people use search engines to discover online products and services, and most of them do not use to see a particular brand. They prefer the search engines results suggested brands. Almost every business who have a website is now Investing big amount of money in SEO to obtain a top rankings in Google. Nearly 95% of the users click the first page suggested service or product in the search results. Every month almost 15 billion online searches have a massive opening in the field of SEO. As per the analysis, more businesses have started to invest their marketing budget in SEO. This will create more demand for people who can do SEO training in delhi or in world.

Course Modules

Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Factors to measure advertising performance
  • Digital marketing channels (SEO, SEM and SMM)
  • Benefits of SEO
  • How the search engine works?
  • Google Search Architecture
  • Ranking methodology
  • Understanding the SERP and Search Operators
  • Search algorithm updates
  • Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird update
  • Latest search updates and predictions
  • What are Search Engine Spiders?
  • How do Spiders Crawl the Internet and Collect Data?
  • How can webmasters control Crawlers?
  • Crawler IP address and Name
  • Controlling crawlers using Robots.txt
  • Controlling crawlers using the "no follow" tag
  • Controlling crawlers with htaccess
  • Data Indexing
Adobe photoshop
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Business analysis process
  • Practical case study
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Methodology
  • Keywords Analysis Tools
  • Keyword generation ideas
  • Competition Analysis
  • Finalizing the Keywords List
  • Google website guidelines
  • Fundamental On-page Factors
  • Site speed analysis
  • Importance of Domain Names
  • File name Optimisation
  • Static Vs Dynamic File Optimization
  • Url Parameters in GWT
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Headers Optimization
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Anchor Links Optimization
  • Image Tag Optimization
  • Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Robot.txt and its importance
  • URL Redirecting Techniques using .htaccess
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  • Submission to search engines
  • Google Link Scheme guidelines
  • Linking Building Methodology
  • Types of Linking Methods (One Way, Two Way and Three Way Links)
  • Links Analysis Tools
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking

Local Business Listing

  • Importance of Local Listing
  • Submission to Google Places
  • Ranking on Top of Local Results
  • Factors for Local Rankings
  • Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
  • Generating Links from QA sites
  • Blogging and Guest Blogging
  • Press Releases

Social Media Marketing Techniques

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • How to know whether we are hit with update
  • Tools for generating link reports
  • Link pruning process
  • DisAvow Tool
  • Website Position Analysis
  • Website Monthly Reports
  • Paid Tools for monitoring seo campaigns
  • Adding site and verification
  • Setting Geo target location
  • Search queries analysis
  • Filtering search queries
  • External Links report
  • Crawls stats and Errors
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt and Links Removal
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Url parameters (Dynamic Sites only)
  • Installing Analytics in Site
  • Generating Reports
  • Goals and Conversions
  • How Adsense Works
  • Adsense Guidelines
  • Website ideas for online earning
  • Understanding Adsense dashboard
  • Different types of payment model (CPC and CPM)
  • Types of Ad Formats
  • How to choose correct ad formats
  • How to select profitable niche
  • Tracking multiple website with channels
  • Blocking competitor ads on our site
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration of Adsense with Youtube Channel
  • Linking Adsense with Analytics
  • Other Ad Networks
  • Affiliate marketing networks

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Frequently Ask & Questions


What is SEO and why is it needed ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process which ranks up the website higher when searched on various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. If the website is ranked up, it grabs more attention of the visitor, resulting in higher number of visitors , which eventually transform into more enquiries/orders, thus harnessing more revenues. Simply put, SEO is inevitable for any business as it can helps the business to become a profitable enterprise.

What training is imparted by your institute for SEO ?

SEO training in delhi conducts all the courses all over the world about the Internet Marketing, in which, students are taught the functioning of Search Engines and all other aspects of Internet Marketing through personalized mentoring. This SEO training in delhi, is strengthened by providing practical training to the students on live projects. Various study programmes have been designed to fulfill the specific needs of students.

How qualified is the faculty of your institute ?

SEO Training in delhi has one of the finest faculty to teach SEO courses. Our team of professionals who are well qualified(B.Tech/MCA) and certified teachers and instructors who have a penchant for imparting the best education in the field of Internet Marketing.

What is the duration of the Internet Marketing Courses

Ayeva institute provides SEO training in delhi which offer many different courses for Internet Marketing. Classes are conducted in two categories - two hours a day for four days a week (Monday to Thursday), and Weekend Classes for four hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Online courses are conducted for students from far flung areas. Flexible batches are also available to suit special needs of students.

Do you give certificate of SEO Courses ?

Yes, we give certificates on successful completion of any of our Internet Marketing Course.

What are the future prospects of Internet Marketing Courses ?

All the companies are trying to increase their online visibility to get more customers through SEO training in delhi. For getting their websites promoted, they are establishing their own Internet Marketing Teams. Thus they need Internet Marketing professionals. As more and more businesses are jumping into the fray, the demand for SEO training in delhi is increasing by the day. Some students after taking training in Internet Marketing, also set up their own consultancies to give SEO services to small and medium enterprises.

What is the qualification required for learning SEO Course ?

Students / Graduates / Employed / Housewives / Business persons or anyone else who has a desire to build his career in digital marketing, and has a working knowledge of computers can take admission in the Internet Marketing Courses, and embark on a bright career.

Do you assist in job placements ?

Yes, we give 100% job assistance to students through

How do we trust Web Rifer ranks a website on Google first page?

We at Web Rifer has experienced Web Designers and Web Developers work with recent Design Standards and they create or redesign websites for User Experience (UX). This methodology helps that website to Rank on First page in Google and also best traffic in Social Media. Web Rifer has Google Certified Individuals on both Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You can also verify the Managing Director Google Partner url for updated certifications by visiting this link

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  • BY: Siddhant Bhatnagar
    25 Days ago
    Ayeva institute provides SEO training in Delhi for pursuing your career in digital marketing. I mean, I never expected that I will be taught under such amazing professionals that provided me in-depth knowledge and also supported me at each difficult point. It was an amazing experience there and the certificate was the greatest reward. I would like to thank Ayeva for providing best SEO training in delhi which helps me out with my future.
  • BY: Mumtaj Khatun
    25 Days ago
    Undoubtedly, Ayeva gives SEO training in delhi for Digital Marketing training. The course content is accurately planned and all the related topics are covered. Trainers explain each and everything in detail. Classroom training have definitely helped me to understand what digital marketing is and its vast scope.
  • BY: Aman Mehnidiratta
    25 Days ago
    Well I have to admit that Ayeva gives the best SEO training in Delhi for pursuing digital marketing course. I’m so pleased that I enrolled myself here. They have well-experienced faculty and they taught us with in an amazing way. At the end of the course they awarded me with a course completion certificate.
  • BY: Tushar Wadhwa
    27 Days ago
    Ayeva’s provides SEO training in Delhi and it is a great institute. Best faculties that helped me with achieving my dreams. Thank you so much for providing such in-depth knowledge about digital marketing under the guidance of such professionals. It was wonderful experience learning about SEO, SMO and all the terms. Thanks Again!
  • BY: Shrutika Bhalla
    27 Days ago
    Ayeva institute provides SEO training in Delhi for digital marketing course. They provided me with the excellent faculty and gave in-depth knowledge of everything I should know and helped me enhance my skills. I was impressed by the comfortable learning environment and the certificate was like a cherry on top of the cake.
  • BY: Sagar Chopra
    29 Days ago
    Thank you Ayeva institute for providing SEO training in Delhi for such wonderful experience and providing me the appropriate skills and knowledge about digital marketing. Your services and faculty are simply brilliant, I mean the professionals shared their experience and knowledge with us and also taught us everything that was in the curriculum.
  • BY: Sachit Arora
    29 Days ago
    I’m highly pleased that I pursued the Digital Marketing course from Ayeva Institute which provides SEO training in Dehi. They provided such experienced and motivating faculty. No surprise that they are one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses. If you always want to achieve your career in the same field then I would suggest you to pursue career from this institute.
  • BY: Rohit Budhiraja
    30 Days ago
    I was looking forward to pursue a course in digital marketing when I came across Ayeva Institute provides SEO training in Delhi, they have a comfortable learning environment and the faculty is so supportive. They taught me about every single factor that falls under digital marketing and I was given an exposure to live projects to utilize my skills
  • BY: Riya Madaan
    34 Days ago
    They are the best digital marketing institute. Best institute to learn digital marketing in NCR under the experts which gives SEO training in Delhi. Thank you for the work you’ve put into this learning so far. I'm grateful to have chosen the right place with the right person.
  • BY: Rahul Bansal
    34 Days ago
    I wanted to pursue a course in Digital marketing when I enrolled myself in Ayeva Institute the best SEO training institute in Delhi; they are simply one of the best institutes for such course. They provided us with an industry expert as our mentor and taught us everything about marketing in the best way along with that they even gave us exposure to the real time opportunities.
  • BY: Pritam Mudgil
    35 Days ago
    Thank you Ayeva Instiute which gives SEO training in Delhi, I am finally doing the job as a social media executive. They are the best SEO training institute in delhi for digital marketing course in NCR. They rewarded me with a certificate and their institute at the end of the course and also gave me opportunity to work on live projects in order to improve my skills.
  • BY: Paras Ahuja
    37 Days ago
    Well they are the best institute which provides SEO training in Delhi for digital marketing course in and around NCR. They offer the best faculty that provided us with in-depth knowledge of how to process the work in the real digital marketing agencies. If you want to chase down your dream of becoming the pro marketer then I highly recommend this institute.
  • BY: Harman Singh Nandra
    37 Days ago
    I had amazing experience learning about digital marketing in Ayeva Institute provides SEO training in Delhi. They provided the best mentorship and at the end gave me a certificate. Well, in simple words, they are no doubt the best SEO training  in delhi in digital marketing.
  • BY: Gaurav Gupta
    39 Days ago
    After completing my graduation, I decided to go for a diploma course in Digital Marketing. Then one of my friends recommended Ayeva Institute which provides SEO training in Delhi, the leading digital marketing Institute in Delhi, to me a few months ago, and I joined Ayeva Institute provides SEO training in delhi, the leading digital marketing Institute in Delhi because I wanted to get deep knowledge of digital marketing which will help me in improving my marketing skills. Joining Ayeva Institute, the leading digital marketing Institute in Delhi made me improve my marketing skills. I thank Mr. Vaibhav sir for giving that much detailed knowledge and helped me in improving my practical skills. All that knowledge and skills made me a gain experience in the field of digital marketing. All of this was possible only because of Ayeva institute which gives SEO training in delhi. I would recommend everybody to join Ayeva Institute, the leading digital marketing Institute in Delhi if you are interested in pursuing any course from the field of digital marketing.
  • BY: Isha Modi
    43 Days ago
    Ayeva Institute provides SEO Training institute in Delhi is a good digital marketing institute in Delhi. I learned many digital marketing techniques. Also the atmosphere of the institute is very good & friendly. Thanks for your career guidance and support.
  • BY: Bharat Bhalla
    44 Days ago
    Ayeva Institute gives the best SEO training in delhi to learn digital marketing. The faculty here is very supportive, friendly in nature and solves your queries. Good luck.
  • BY: Apurav Gupta
    45 Days ago
    If you really want to stand out among the throng of eligible professionals, then digital marketing is what you should go for. The various industries are demanding professionals that are expert of this field. And you can become the one by enrolling for a digital marketing course from Ayeva Institute, the best SEO training in delhi. The professionals here are really the best and teach every concept pretty well. They give individual attention to each student and train you for a bright future. Additionally, there are also the live projects during your training that one can go for and practice his knowledge while learning.
  • BY: Abhishek Tahanguriya
    47 Days ago
    I always wanted to attend the classroom program for digital marketing as it will be useful for my hike in my remuneration bouquet. Also, now I’m willing to make a permanent shift to digital marketing domain as Ayeva Institute, the SEO training in delhi, not only guided in theoretical sessions but delivered training on live projects. Will surely recommend!
  • BY: Abhinav Mishra
    48 Days ago
    The best part of learning from here is the live projects that one is given at the end of their course. These projects give you an idea about what the digital marketing industry demands from you. With these projects you get to understand better and apply your skills & knowledge that you have grasped from the experts here. So, in other words, you become industry ready after getting training in digital marketing from here.
  • BY: Yatika Chaudhary
    50 Days ago
    I am studying Social media marketing at Ayeva Institute which gives SEO training in delhi for last 2 months and I would say other than being online on social networking sites, you can do more productive things with it. Social media is really a powerful platform and have numerous areas for you to make your career in.
    2 months ago
    It was great experience learning with Ayeva Institute which provides SEO training in delhi. They offer a detailed course structure and their study modules provide a great deal of insight about Digital Marketing. The course helped me a lot and now I am working as a SEO executive in a successful company.
  • BY: Kriti Kumari
    2 months ago
    Ayeva Institute being the best in SEO training in delhi I have chosen and getting trained in it. I have learned many tips & tricks here from the experts and employing them on the live project I have been assigned by my professionals. It is quite fun actually and you earn while learning.

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